Friday, April 6, 2012

Assessments, It’s all in how you Use Them

       In college I took a course on assessments. Yes, the whole class was about assessments. When to give them, how to give them, why we give them, and what todo with them afterwards. As teachers, how in depth do you go with the use of assessments?  Do you analyze your students test results?  Do you data own your data as my AP calls it.  After assessments I’m sure we all reteach. What else do you do?  I reteach the skills, I make it a small group center, I create mini lessons, and of course I reassess those students in need to see if they have mastered the skill. This is where I think some of us (teachers) lose focus. No matter if I have 2 students left who have not mastered the skill the process starts over. We may even need to change the way we are delivering instruction. My Professor swore by using the multiple intelligences to create lessons to engage students. Simply using music or technology among many other resources can allow students a new way to engage in the learning activity and walk away with an understanding. That is our goal right. So let’s reflect on how we deliver instruction and what we do with our data to better ourselves and create a better learning experience for our students.


Ms. H. said...

Hi Ms. Lee! I so agree with your last statement. Thanks for the reminder. (Cute blog template! Come check mine out whenever you get a chance ;)

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