Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Rewarding

How do you encourage success and reward your students. Here is my easy full proof system. 1) Any student who earns 75% or higher on any assessment gets to write their name on a little slip of paper,  fold it up,  and place it in the test raffle basket. 

2) After 7 test I shake the basket (dramatically of course!) and pull a few names and call the students up to collect a prize. They are all very excited to hear whose name will be called. 

3) Afterwards, I take all the names that were in the test basket and place them in the test box that holds all the previous names that were emptied out of the test basket. When the test box is filled we have a class party. This provides opportunities for the individual student and the class as a whole to be rewarded. It encourages everyone to do their best. I do recognize growth even for students who do not earn 75% because all progress should be recognized. What do you do to reward students? Please share your great ideas. 


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