Saturday, April 14, 2012

Planting Seeds (of Knowledge)

My 2nd graders can hold a very in depth discussion about plants and what they need to survive. They can easily tell you the three types of soil and what’s best to plant with. Not because I taught those to chapters with fidelity but because they had hands on experiences with soils and planting repetitively. Their vocabulary includes germination, blooming , and humus. We planted with a purpose.  First we planted squash, radish, and pumpkin as an experiment. We made predictions about which would germinate first and which would grow more in a months time. Daily we discussed the why’s and why not’s, this lead to more research. They learned to look for key words and phrases on the internet , which only lead to more sites to view.  They were sharing information with each other.  We enjoyed watching the plants grow. 

Day 1
Day 9

After a month I had to replant the pumpkin (big leaves) and radish (small leaves) in the ground at this point. The students enjoyed the experience.

Now we are growing plants to take home as presents for Mother's Day. 
Even though the chapters are complete the learning continues.
Day 1

Day 8

I will keep you guys posted. So far 10 out of 16 plants are growing well the other six have not started to grow yet. So, we have discussed potential reasons why they might not be growing, did we plant the seed correctly or did we over/ under water them. We we will figure it out.  Now we are taking on a bigger challenge we will be starting a school garden that all grades will participate in. Wish us luck and happy learning.


Casey Turner said...

This makes me jealous! I wish that we had something about plants in our curriculum here! I love growing things! Excited to be following your blog!

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Ms.Lee said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will be visiting your to find some great ideas too, I'm sure.

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