Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy B-Day to Me and Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom

Happy Birthday to me is the song I’m singing this morning. Today is my birthday. I have so many candles on the cake I could use them as a manipulative in a math lesson. 

How do you celebrate birthdays in the classroom and how do you acknowledge birthdays that are not during the school year. I have a little simple way to treat everyone throughout the year. Sometimes when I’m calling student to line up or to do an activity I call them up by two or three months at a time. I will say if your birthday is in January or February line up and so forth. I choose two months and give them a little treat. So by the end of the school year everyone has received a treat several times for being born in their birthday month.

 I know the students don’t want to feel left out. Even as an adult it’s a tiny bit saddening to see all the teachers receive birthday wishes, cards and candy at school and never have an opportunity to experience it.


Leah Mathis said...

I admit that I would tend to forget birthdays unless the kids told me. When they did, we would all sing and I had little award and pencil to give them. I would also try to do it at the end of the year for those with a birthday in the summer.
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Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day! I am moving to 2nd grade this year from being a math coach the past 2 yrs, and 22 yrs in 4-5th. I am looking to find any blogs of 2nd grade teachers. This is going to be some change! :o) I am so looking forward to it!

❃ Ann Marie
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Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had and enjoyable day! I usually give students a birthday balloon (which is a large pixie stix with a cute birthday balloon attached).
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Grade ONEderful said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you!! It's my brother's big day, too.
This year I'm giving the kids a cupcake (previously frozen), icing, and sprinkles to decorate.
Grade ONEderful
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