Monday, July 9, 2012

I Love Made it Monday!

It's Monday and I couldn't wait to be apart of the Monday Made It Linky Party with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics  again. I'm using a monster theme this year in my classroom. I made a monster out of a bucket to collect my students slips when they report students who are bucket fillers. Yes, we are bucket fillers in my class, it changes the dynamics of the class. Students are happy to be helpful, and kind, plus they like to be recognized for doing so. 
Also, I made a Tattle Monster, I got this idea from Mariah @ Giggles Galore instead of the students telling me all their little problems they can write it down or tell the Tattle Monster, however, I will let them know if it's a big problem like someone being hurt they need to tell me. I'm going to share all my class decor later in the month.

My Bucket Filler and Tattle Tale Monster Box

                           I'm sorry I started working without taking pictures in the beginning.

Buckets $1.50 Foam Glue $2.99 from Micheal's

Fur $5.99 and Paint Marker $2.99 from Micheal's
Wiggle eyes from Micheal's 99 cent

 To make the Tattle Tale box I used box of Scotties Tissues and Duck Tape from the Dollar Tree. I used the products I brought form Micheal's too.


Don't mind my water I was getting thirsty.


Mariah said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing and including my site as your source for inspiration. I hope your students love your new monster!

Lori Roberts said...

I think 2nd grade is the worst for tattling. I knew when my students were ready for 2nd they started I found your site from Fabulous First linky. Come visit me sometime at

Amanda Madden said...

LOVE these!! They are on my "to do list" also...perfect for my monster theme!

Teaching Maddeness

Nicki said...

I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here:

Robin said...

So cute! I'm glad you invited me to hop over and check out your blog. I have a 2nd grade teacher who uses a monster theme, so I will direct her your way!

It's All Elementary!

Sarah said...

Always happy to see more monsters around blogland. Love the tattle monster. I think I'll have to make one myself to add to my monster decor. Thanks for sharing!

Janna Finch said...

Hi Ms. Lee,

I enjoyed reading through your blog ideas; I love the tattle tale monster. :) I am nominating you for an award too; come back to my blog and get your award.

Fabulous Finch Facts

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