Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reflecting on Reading Practices

       This week I have been reading “Best Practices for Teaching Reading” by Randi Stone. As chapter 2 begins the reader is given 10 steps to great readers written by Susan Carter. I’m thinking seriously, if it were an easy 10-step plan we would all have a class full of great readers. I know Carter is providing guidelines not a full proof plan so, I decided I would open my mind and see what she had to say and share the list with you guys also.

1.    Expect noise and plan for it.

Me: I ask students to speak quietly so I do expect some noise.

2.    Reward progress.

Me: I over reward in the beginning to get students involved then I reward at different milestones for example, increase in fluency or mastery of a skill.

3.    Give them books they can read.

Me: I provide many books according to reading levels in my book bins and I have what I call the floating book of the week. The students pass the book around after the student reads the book and takes an A/R test on the book they pass it on to the next student.

4.    Keep it fun.

Me: I don’t know if it’s always fun but, I will try to have more engaging, enjoyable centers this year, TPT to the rescue.

5.    Partners

Me: I use partner reading and Think- Pair-Share.

6.    Groups

Me: I have three groups made up of 5 to 6 children.

7.    Location

Me: I hold small group at a kidney shape table and centers are located in different areas of the class.

8.    Comfort

Me: I have stuff animals and pillows for student to sit or lay on the carpet. I allow for them to sit where they feel comfortable.

9.    System and Procedures

Me: I had a simple system where I held 4 groups a day: On level, approaching level, beyond level, double dose. This year I’m going to implement the CAFÉ 5.

10.                  Snacks

Me: Snacks during reading, I’ve never tried that. I will try it to see how it affects stamina.

Do you include these all or some of these steps in your Reading block?

What rewards do you use in class in general?


Susannah Dornan said...

I use think-pair-share for Reading but also in Science and History too. As far as rewards for Reading, I use lots and lots of verbal praise, stickers, sometimes candy, and certificates for reading improvement/ achievement of reading goals. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award so stop by my blog to receive it!

Susie's Seconds

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