Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer, Fun, and Learning

       Monday I started Summer Camp. One part of me was sad to lose my lazy days, but the other part of me was happy to be back doing what I love, teaching. It’s a pretty smooth day. It’s 8 to12. The students rotate, so I spend 45 minutes with each grade level 1st through 5th. I’m teaching Character Education, this week we worked on activities regarding respect. It was funny to see the children engaged in the activities and discuss how they should respect each other, then turn around and disrespect each other. I guess we have to keep working on it.

       With the 1st and 2nd graders I used the Respect song from Have Fun Teaching  the students loved it. If you have not ever visited the site check it out. The website was created by a teacher, Mark Luchauer who was given a grant from his school district to create resources for teachers. Have Fun Teaching is a website offers free worksheets, coloring pages, flash cards, activities, songs, videos and lesson plan ideas.

Here's a picture of another activity we completed about respecting ourselves, people, animals and the Earth. 

 It's funny how I went from middle school to 5th grade and I thought I would not enjoy teaching Primary. Some how I ended up teaching 2nd grade last year and loved it, I love the first graders too!


MrsMc said...

I love the respect activity that you posted. Respect was something I really pushed last year with my firsties, because as you said, I'd talk about it, then they would go back and do the opposite of what we talked about!

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Donna Dillard said...

Kuddos Ms. Lee for having the opportunity to teach Character to children. That should probably be the most important subject "during the year". Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your new follower.
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