What We're Up to in Class

                                           Painting With Gravity
       After finishing a lesson discussing gravity and force. We completed an enrichment activity connecting Science and Art. Since we learned a force is a push or a pull and that gravity pulled objects to the center of the Earth we came up with the question: how would paintings be different if no force was used during painting? So, we held our paint brushes about 1 foot from the paper. We used purple, green, red, and yellow paint. 

      We were not allowed to push or pull the paintbrush across the paper we had to wait for gravity to work and when the paint dropped we could move only our paper to make a design. As we reflected on the experience we recognized it’s harder to paint without a paintbrush and the finished paintings looked like abstract art. Many students seen different things when they looked at the paintings.



                                          Meet the Newest Monster in My Class

Meet Mr. Max the Monster (as my class so eagerly named him). Oh yes, its monsters everywhere in our classroom. It’s apart of the theme. We do monstrous things in our little class. I wanted to say a big thanks to Mrs. Marin for making Max. Everyday Mr. Max has a new message to share with the students. They like to see what he has to share. I have a substitute tomorrow since I have a training to attend. So, his message  for  tomorrow is , “I have my eyes on you!”.

It's Spring I thought it's time to bring out the Spring activities. Well who knew it would end like it did.
Today we completed a following directions activity. So, we went over the directions. I passed out the patterns and it began. I seen ovals and hands being traced, great. Next, the scissors were in hand and things got interesting. The tips of paper fingers were being cut off. Ovals became three times smaller than the pattern. I thought how is this happening. 17 patterns were cut and 7 survived. We will be doing more spring activities and working on reading and following directions. We have to practice our cutting and following the steps in order in directions.


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